Paper: Function-Based Question Classification for General QA

ACL ID D10-1109
Title Function-Based Question Classification for General QA
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

In contrast with the booming increase of inter- net data, state-of-art QA (question answering) systems, otherwise, concerned data from spe- cific domains or resources such as search en- gine snippets, online forums and Wikipedia in a somewhat isolated way. Users may welcome a more general QA system for its capability to answer questions of various sources, inte- grated from existed specialized sub-QA en- gines. In this framework, question classifica- tion is the primary task. However, the current paradigms of question classification were focused on some speci- fied type of questions, i.e. factoid questions, which are inappropriate for the general QA. In this paper, we propose a new question clas- sification paradigm, which includes a ques- tion taxonomy suitable to the general QA and a que...