Paper: Tense Sense Disambiguation: A New Syntactic Polysemy Task

ACL ID D10-1032
Title Tense Sense Disambiguation: A New Syntactic Polysemy Task
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Polysemy is a major characteristic of natu- ral languages. Like words, syntactic forms can have several meanings. Understanding the correct meaning of a syntactic form is of great importance to many NLP applications. In this paper we address an important type of syn- tactic polysemy – the multiple possible senses of tense syntactic forms. We make our dis- cussion concrete by introducing the task of Tense Sense Disambiguation (TSD): given a concrete tense syntactic form present in a sen- tence, select its appropriate sense among a set of possible senses. Using English gram- mar textbooks, we compiled a syntactic sense dictionary comprising common tense syntac- tic forms and semantic senses for each. We an- notated thousands of BNC sentences using the defined senses. We describe a supervis...