Paper: Predicting the Semantic Compositionality of Prefix Verbs

ACL ID D10-1029
Title Predicting the Semantic Compositionality of Prefix Verbs
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

In many applications, replacing a complex word form by its stem can reduce sparsity, re- vealing connections in the data that would not otherwise be apparent. In this paper, we focus on prefix verbs: verbs formed by adding a pre- fix to an existing verb stem. A prefix verb is considered compositional if it can be decom- posed into a semantically equivalent expres- sion involving its stem. We develop a clas- sifier to predict compositionality via a range of lexical and distributional features, includ- ing novel features derived from web-scale N- gram data. Results on a new annotated cor- pus show that prefix verb compositionality can be predicted with high accuracy. Our system also performs well when trained and tested on conventional morphological segmentations of prefix verbs.