Paper: Handling Noisy Queries in Cross Language FAQ Retrieval

ACL ID D10-1009
Title Handling Noisy Queries in Cross Language FAQ Retrieval
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Recent times have seen a tremendous growth in mobile based data services that allow peo- ple to use Short Message Service (SMS) to access these data services. In a multilin- gual society it is essential that data services that were developed for a specific language be made accessible through other local lan- guages also. In this paper, we present a ser- vice that allows a user to query a Frequently- Asked-Questions (FAQ) database built in a lo- cal language (Hindi) using Noisy SMS En- glish queries. The inherent noise in the SMS queries, along with the language mismatch makes this a challenging problem. We handle these two problems by formulating the query similarity over FAQ questions as a combina- torial search problem where the search space consists of combinations of dictionary varia- ...