Paper: Chinese Semantic Role Labeling with Shallow Parsing

ACL ID D09-1153
Title Chinese Semantic Role Labeling with Shallow Parsing
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Most existing systems for Chinese Seman- tic Role Labeling (SRL) make use of full syntactic parses. In this paper, we evalu- ate SRL methods that take partial parses as inputs. We first extend the study on Chi- nese shallow parsing presented in (Chen et al., 2006) by raising a set of addi- tional features. On the basis of our shal- low parser, we implement SRL systems which cast SRL as the classification of syntactic chunks with IOB2 representation for semantic roles (i.e. semantic chunks). Two labeling strategies are presented: 1) directly tagging semantic chunks in one- stage, and 2) identifying argument bound- aries as a chunking task and labeling their semantic types as a classification task. For both methods, we present encouraging re- sults, achieving significant improvements over th...