Paper: Feature-Rich Translation by Quasi-Synchronous Lattice Parsing

ACL ID D09-1023
Title Feature-Rich Translation by Quasi-Synchronous Lattice Parsing
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

We present a machine translation frame- work that can incorporate arbitrary fea- tures of both input and output sentences. The core of the approach is a novel de- coder based on lattice parsing with quasi- synchronous grammar (Smith and Eis- ner, 2006), a syntactic formalism that does not require source and target trees to be isomorphic. Using generic approx- imate dynamic programming techniques, this decoder can handle “non-local” fea- tures. Similar approximate inference tech- niques support efficient parameter esti- mation with hidden variables. We use the decoder to conduct controlled exper- iments on a German-to-English transla- tion task, to compare lexical phrase, syn- tax, and combined models, and to mea- sure effects of various restrictions on non- isomorphism.