Paper: Online Word Games for Semantic Data Collection

ACL ID D08-1056
Title Online Word Games for Semantic Data Collection
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Obtaining labeled data is a significant obstacle for many NLP tasks. Recently, online games have been proposed as a new way of obtain- ing labeled data; games attract users by be- ing fun to play. In this paper, we consider the application of this idea to collecting seman- tic relations between words, such as hyper- nym/hyponym relationships. We built three online games, inspired by the real-life games of ScattergoriesTM and TabooTM. As of June 2008, players have entered nearly 800,000 data instances, in two categories. The first type of data consists of category/answer pairs (“Types of vehicle”,“car”), while the second is essentially free association data (“subma- rine”,”underwater”). We analyze both types of data in detail and discuss potential uses of the data. We show t...