Paper: Structural Correspondence Learning for Dependency Parsing

ACL ID D07-1129
Title Structural Correspondence Learning for Dependency Parsing
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

Following (Blitzer et al. , 2006), we present an application of structural correspondence learning to non-projective dependency pars- ing (McDonald et al. , 2005). To induce the correspondences among dependency edges from different domains, we looked at ev- ery two tokens in a sentence and examined whether or not there is a preposition, a de- terminer or a helping verb between them. Three binary linear classifiers were trained to predict the existence of a preposition, etc, on unlabeled data and we used singu- lar value decomposition to induce new fea- tures. During the training, the parser was trained with these additional features in ad- dition to these described in (McDonald et al. , 2005). We discriminatively trained our parser in an on-line fashion using a vari- ant of the voted perce...