Paper: Treebank Annotation Schemes and Parser Evaluation for German

ACL ID D07-1066
Title Treebank Annotation Schemes and Parser Evaluation for German
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

Recent studies focussed on the question whether less-con gurational languages like German are harder to parse than English, or whether the lower parsing scores are an artefact of treebank encoding schemes and data structures, as claimed by K?ubler et al. (2006). This claim is based on the as- sumption that PARSEVAL metrics fully re- ect parse quality across treebank encoding schemes. In this paper we present new ex- periments to test this claim. We use the PARSEVAL metric, the Leaf-Ancestor met- ric as well as a dependency-based evalua- tion, and present novel approaches measur- ing the effect of controlled error insertion on treebank trees and parser output. We also provide extensive past-parsing cross- treebank conversion. The results of the ex- periments show that, contrary to K?ubler e...