Paper: Recovering Non-Local Dependencies for Chinese

ACL ID D07-1027
Title Recovering Non-Local Dependencies for Chinese
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

To date, work on Non-Local Dependencies (NLDs) has focused almost exclusively on English and it is an open research question how well these approaches migrate to other languages. This paper surveys non-local de- pendency constructions in Chinese as repre- sented in the Penn Chinese Treebank (CTB) and provides an approach for generating proper predicate-argument-modifier struc- tures including NLDs from surface context- free phrase structure trees. Our approach re- covers non-local dependencies at the level of Lexical-Functional Grammar f-structures, using automatically acquired subcategorisa- tion frames and f-structure paths linking an- tecedents and traces in NLDs. Currently our algorithm achieves 92.2% f-score for trace insertion and 84.3% for antecedent recovery evaluating on gold-stan...