Paper: Machine Translation with a Stochastic Grammatical Channel

ACL ID C98-2225
Title Machine Translation with a Stochastic Grammatical Channel
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

We introduce a stochastic grammatical channel model for machine translation, that synthesizes sev- eral desirable characteristics of both statistical and grammatical machine translation. As with the pure statistical translation model described by Wu (1996) (in which a bracketing transduction gram- mar models the channel), alternative hypotheses compete probabilistically, exhaustive search of the translation hypothesis space can be performed in polynomial time, and robustness heuristics arise naturally from a language-independent inversion- transduction model. However, unlike pure statisti- cal translation models, the generated output string is guaranteed to conform to a given target gram- mar. The model employs only (1) a translation lexicon, (2) a context-free grammar for ...