Paper: Translating Idioms

ACL ID C98-2221
Title Translating Idioms
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998
  • Eric Wehrli (University of Geneva, Geneva Switzerland)

This paper discusses the treatment of fixed word expressions developed for our ITS-2 French- English translation system. This treatment makes a clear distinction between compounds - i.e. multiword expressions of X°-level in which the chunks are adjacent - and idiomatic phrases - i.e. multiword expressions of phrasal categories, where the chunks are not necessar- ily adjacent. In our system, compounds are handled during the lexical analysis, while id- ioms are treated in the syntax, where they are treated as "specialized lexemes". Once rec- ognized, an idiom can be transfered accord- ing to the specifications of the bilingual dic- tionary. We will show several cases of trans- fer to corresponding idioms in the target lan- guage, or to simple lexemes. The complete sys- tem...