Paper: Locating noun phrases with finite state transducers.

ACL ID C98-2193
Title Locating noun phrases with finite state transducers.
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

We present a method for constructing, main- taining and consulting a database of proper nouns. We describe noun phrases composed of a proper noun and/or a description of a hu- man occupation. They are formalized by finite state transducers (FST) and large coverage dic- tionaries and are applied to a corpus of news- papers. We take into account synonymy and hyperonymy. This first stage of our parsing pro- cedure has a high degree of accuracy. Wc show how we can handle requests such as: 'Find all newspaper articles in a general corl)us mention- ing the French prime minister', or 'How is Mr. X referred to in the corpus; what have been his dif- ferent occupations through out the period over which our corpus extends?' In the first case, non trivial occurrences of noun phrases a...