Paper: A Generative Lexicon Perspective for Adjectival Modification

ACL ID C98-2182
Title A Generative Lexicon Perspective for Adjectival Modification
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998
  • Patrick Saint-Dizier (CNRS, France; Institute of Research in Informatics Toulouse, Toulouse France; University of Toulouse 3, Toulouse France)

This paper ln'esenl.s a semantic interpretation of adjecti- val modilicatiotl in terms of the Generative l,cxicon. It. tfighlights the elements wlfich can be borrowed from the GI, and develops limitations and extensions. We show how elements of the Qualia structure can bc incorpo- rated into semantic composition rules to make explicit the semantics of the combination adjective + noun. 1 Aims Investigations within the generative perspective aim at modelling, by means of a slnall number of rules, principles an(I constraints, linguistic phenomena at. a high level of abstraction, level which seems t.o be appropriate for research on multi-linguism and lan- guage learning. Among works within the generative l)erspcclive, one of the most innowttive is the Generative Lexi- con ((;-...