Paper: An Intelligent Multi-Dictionary Environment

ACL ID C98-2170
Title An Intelligent Multi-Dictionary Environment
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

An open, extendible multi-dictionary sys- tem is introduced in the paper. It supports the translator in accessing adequate entries of various bi- and monolingual dictionaries and translation examples from parallel cor- pora. Simultaneously an unlimited number of dictionaries can be held open, thus by a single interrogation step, all the dictionaries (translations, explanations, synonyms, etc.) can be surveyed. The implemented system (called MoBiDic) knows morphological roles of the dictionaries' languages. Thus, never the actual (inflected) words, but al- ways their lemmas - that is, the right dic- tionary entries - are looked up. MoBiDic has an open, multimedial architecture, thus it is suitable for handling not only textual, but speaking or picture dictionaries, as well...