Paper: Multilingual authoring using feedback texts

ACL ID C98-2168
Title Multilingual authoring using feedback texts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

There are obvious reasons for trying to auto- mate the production of multilingual documen- tation, especially for routine subject-matter in restricted domains (e.g. technical instructions). Two approaches have been adopted: Machine ~lh'anslation (MT) of a source text, and Multi- lingual Natural Language Generation (M-NLG) from a knowledge base. For MT, information extraction is a major difficulty, since the mean- ing must be derived by analysis of the source text; M~NLG avoids this difficulty but seems at first sight to require an expensive phase of knowledge engineering in order to encode the meaning. Wc introduce here a new technique which employs M-NLG during the phase of knowledge editing. A 'feedback text', generated from a possibly incomplete knowledge base, de- scr...