Paper: Parametric Types for Typed Attribute-Value Logic

ACL ID C98-2164
Title Parametric Types for Typed Attribute-Value Logic
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998
  • Gerald Penn (University of Tubingen, Tubingen Germany)

Parametric polymorphism has been combined with inclusional polymorphism to provide nat- ural type systems for Prolog (DH88), HiLog (YFS92), and cofistraint resolution languages (Smo89), and, in linguistics, by HPSG-tike grammars to classify lists and sets of linguistic objects (PS94), and by phonologists in represen- tations of hierarchical structure (Kle91). This paper summarizes the incorporation of para- metric types into the typed attribute-value logic of (Car92), thus providing a natural extension to the type system for ALE (CP96). Following (Car92), the concern here is not with models of feature terms themselves, but with how to com- pute with parametric types, and what different kinds of information one can represent relative to a signature with parametric types, th...