Paper: A Computational Model of Social Perlocutions

ACL ID C98-2163
Title A Computational Model of Social Perlocutions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

The view that communication is a form of action serving a variety of specific functions has had a tremendous impact on the philosophy of language and on computational linguistics. Yet, this mode of analysis has been applied to only a narrow range of exchanges (e.g. those whose primary purpose is transferring information or coordinating tasks) while exchanges meant to manage interpersonal relation- ships, maintain "face", or simply to convey thanks, sympathy, and so on have been largely ignored. We present a model of such "social perlocutions" that integrates previous work in natural language gener- ation, social psychology, and communication studies. This model has been implemented in a system that generates socially appropriate e-mail in response to user-speclfied communic...