Paper: Robust pronoun resolution with limited knowledge

ACL ID C98-2138
Title Robust pronoun resolution with limited knowledge
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

Most traditional approaches to anaphora resolution rely heavily on linguistic and domain knowledge. One of the disadvantages of developing a knowledge- based system, however, is that it is a very labour- intensive and time-consuming task. This paper pres- ents a robust, knowledge-poor approach to resolving pronouns in technical manuals, which operates on texts pre-processed by a part-of-speech tagger. Input is checked against agreement and for a number of antecedent indicators. Candidates are assigned scores by each indicator and the candidate with the highest score is returned as the antecedent. Evaluation reports a success rate of 89.7% which is better than the suc- cess rates of the approaches selected for comparison and tested on the same data. In addition, preliminary ...