Paper: Efficient Linear Logic Meaning Assembly

ACL ID C98-1074
Title Efficient Linear Logic Meaning Assembly
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

and replaces the term annotated fa. So the result is: cvery /g e VAR) --~o/ ~y ~ ,~.~T%... .-~ f~ cat le(tve (gcr VAR) !, ;.(/cr Similarly "gray" can modify this by splicing it into the line labeled (g~ VAa) -o (g~ P~SSTR) to yield (after ~-reduction, and removing labels on the arcs). If~ every gray leave l eat This gets us the expected meaning every(gray(eat), leave). In some cases, the link called for by a higher order modifier is not directly present in the tree, and we need to do A-abstraction to support it. Consider the sentence "John read llamlet quickly". We get the following two trees fi'om the skeleton deductions: read g/ h~ John Hamlet read(John, Hamlet) Ig ~ -o fo quickly Ig~-~ f~ AP.Ax.quickl y( P )( x ) There is no link labeled go --o f~ to be modified. The left tree however ...