Paper: Named Entity Scoring for Speech Input

ACL ID C98-1031
Title Named Entity Scoring for Speech Input
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

This paper describcs a new scoring algorithm that supports comparison of linguistically annotated &tta from noisy sources. The new algorithm generalizes the Message Understanding Conference (MUC) Named Entity scoring algorithm, using a compari- son based on explicit alignment of the underlying texts, followed by a scoring phase. The scoring procedure maps corresponding tagged regions and compares these according to tag type and tag extent, allowing us to reproduce the MUC Named Entity scoring lot identical underlying texts. In addition, the new algorithm scores for content (transcription correctness) of the tagged region, a useful distinc- tion when dealing with noisy data that may differ from a reference transcription (e.g., speech recog- nizer output). To illustrate the a...