Paper: Spoken Dialogue Interpretation with the DOP Model

ACL ID C98-1021
Title Spoken Dialogue Interpretation with the DOP Model
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998
  • Rens Bod (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam The Netherlands)

We show how the DOP model can be used for fast and robust processing of spoken input in a practical spoken dialogue system called OVIS. OVIS, Openbaar Vervoer Informatie Systeem ("Public Transport Infor- mation System"), is a Dutch spoken language infor- mation system which operates over ordinary telephone lines. The prototype system is the immediate goal of the NWO 1 Priority Programme "Language and Speech Technology". In this paper, we extend the original DOP model to context-sensitive interpretation of spoken input. The system we describe uses the OVIS corpus (10,000 trees enriched with compositional semantics) to compute from an input word-graph the best utterance together with its meaning. Dialogue context is taken into account by dividing up the OVIS corpus into conte...