Paper: Consonant Spreading in Arabic Stems

ACL ID C98-1018
Title Consonant Spreading in Arabic Stems
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

']'his paper examines the phenomenon of conso- nant spreading in Arabic stems. Each spread- ing involves a local surface copying of an un- derlying consonant, and, in certain phonologi~ cal contexts, spreading alternates productively with consonant lengthening (or gemination). The mOrl)hophonemic triggers of spreading lit in the patterns or even in the roots themselves, and the combination of a spreading root and a spreading pattern causes a consonant to be coiffed mulliple times. The interdigitation of Arabic stems and the realization of consonant spreading are forlnalized using finite-state roof photactics and variation rules, and this al> preach has been successfully implemented in a large-scale Arabic morphological analyzer which is available for testing on the Interne...