Paper: Semi-Automatic Recognition of Noun Modifier Relationships

ACL ID C98-1015
Title Semi-Automatic Recognition of Noun Modifier Relationships
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

Semantic relationships among words and phrases are often marked by explicit syntactic or lexical clues that help recognize such rela~ tionships in texts. Within complex nominals, however, few overt clues are available. Sys- tems that analyze such nominals must com- pensate for the lack of surface clues with other information. One way is to load the system with lexical semantics for nouns or adjectives. This merely shifts the problem elsewhere: how do we define the lexical se- mantics and build large semantic lexicons? Another way is to find constructions similar to a given complex nominal, for which the relationships are already known. This is the way we chose, but it too has drawbacks. Similarity is not easily assessed, similar ana- lyzed constructions may not exist, and...