Paper: Towards a single proposal in spelling correction

ACL ID C98-1003
Title Towards a single proposal in spelling correction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

The study presented here relies on the integrated use of different kinds of knowledge in order to improve first-guess accuracy in non-word context-sensitive correction for general unrestricted texts. State of the art spelling correction systems, e.g. ispell, apart from detecting spelling errors, also assist the user by offering a set of candidate corrections that are close to the misspelled word. Based on the correction proposals of ispell, we built several guessers, which were combined in different ways. Firstly, we evaluated all possibilities and selected the best ones in a corpus with artificially generated typing errors. Secondly, the best combinations were tested on texts with genuine spelling errors. The results for the latter suggest that we can expect automatic n...