Paper: Pattern-Based Machine Translation

ACL ID C96-2211
Title Pattern-Based Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

In this 1)a,l)er, we (les(:ril)(~ a. "l)a.ttern-I)a.s(,d" ma.c[fine transla.tion (MT) a.pproa.(:h tha.t we followed in designing a. l)(:rsona.1 tool for ilS(:rs who [1,3,VO, ;t,C(:(~SS tO la.rg(: v()Ittlll('.s of text in la.ngua.ges other tha.n their owu, su(:h as WWW pa.gas. Sore(: of the critica.1 issues involv(:d it, th(: design of such a. tool in(:htd(: ( (:ustomiza.tion for div(:rse (h>- mMns, th(: (;tfi(:iency of th<: tra.nsla.tion a.lgorithm, a.nd sea.lability (in(:r(:menta.l improvcm(:nt in tra.nsla.tion qua.1 ity through us(:r intera.ction). W(: a.lso describe how our pa.tterns fit into the (:ont(:xt-fr(:(: l)a.rsing aml g(:nera.tion a.lgorithms, a.n(1 h(-)w wo, intl)h:tn(:rtted a, prototyp(: tool.