Paper: Morphological Analyzer As Syntactic Parser

ACL ID C96-2203
Title Morphological Analyzer As Syntactic Parser
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

We describe how a simple parser can be built on tile basis of nmrphology and a morphological analyzer. Our initial conditions have been tile tcclmiques and principles ol: Humor, a reversible, shing-bascd tmification tool (Prdszdky 1994). Parsing is perlorlngd by the Sillllc engine as morphological analysis. It is usefld when therc is not enough space to add a new engine to an existing morpl]of ogy-based application (e.g. a spell-checker), but you would like to handle sentence-level information, its well (e.g. a gramnlar checker). The morpimlogical analyzer breaks up words into several parts, all of which stored it] tile main lexicon, l:,ach part has a feature structure and the validily of tile input word is checked by unifying them. Thc mor- phological analyzer returns various information...