Paper: Using Sentence Connectors For Evaluating MT Output

ACL ID C96-2189
Title Using Sentence Connectors For Evaluating MT Output
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper elaborates on the design of a machine translation evaluation method that aims to determine to what degree the meaning of an original text is pre- served in translation, without looking into the grammatical correctness of its constituent sentences. The basic idea is to have a human evaluator take the sentences of the translated text and, for each of these sentences, determine the se- mantic relationship that exists between it and the sentence immediately preced- ing it. In order to minimise evalua- tor dependence, relations between sen- tences are expressed in terms of the eon- juncts that can connect them, rather than through explicit categories. For an n-sentence text this results in a list of n - 1 sentence-to-sentence relationships, which we call the text's conneetivlty profi...