Paper: GATE - A General Architecture For Text Engineering

ACL ID C96-2187
Title GATE - A General Architecture For Text Engineering
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Much progress has been made in the provision of reusable data resources for Natural Language Engineering, such as grammars, lexicons, thesauruses. Al- though a number of projects have ad- dressed the provision of reusable algo- rithmic resources (or 'tools'), takeup of these resources has been relatively slow. This paper describes GATE, a General Architecture for Text Engineering, which is a freely-available system designed to help alleviate the problem. 1 Resource Reuse and Natural Language Engineering Car designers don't reinvent the wheel each time they plan a new model, but software engineers of- ten find themselves repetitively producing roughly the same piece of software in slightly ditfenmt R)rm. The reasons for this inefficency have been extensively studied, and a number of solutio...