Paper: Distributing And Porting General Linguistic Tools

ACL ID C96-2186
Title Distributing And Porting General Linguistic Tools
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Our main motivation is to build general and adaptable linguistic tools and we have faced the problem of their portability. We first make a quick de- scription of the linguistic tools we have at hand and we explain why linguistic tools, unlike other software tools, present pmticular portability problems. We then discuss code portability and also data portability and we describe the method we have used for a French lexicon, showing that portability leads to a more "natural" computational lexicon. We then propose the use of a command language to interface the tools with more complex applications and we show that this technique facilitates integration of tools from various sources, entails a better exploitation of linguistic resources and makes easier the distribution of tools on several machi...