Paper: The Power Of Words In Message Planning

ACL ID C96-2167
Title The Power Of Words In Message Planning
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Before engaging in a conversa- tion, a message must be planned. While there are many ways to perform this task, I believe that people do this in the following way, in particular if the message is going to be long: first an outline is planned (global, or skeleton planning), which is then filled in with details (local planning, elaboration). Planning pro- ceeds thus from general to specific (breadth first), that is, sentences are planned incremen- tally by gradual refinement of some abstract thought rather than in one go (one-shot pro- cess) where every element is planned down to its last details. While global planning is largely lan- guage independent, local planning can be lan- guage dependent: the dictionary acts a media- tor, interfacing language and thought. Given the fact that words c...