Paper: On Inference-Based Procedures For Lexical Disambiguation

ACL ID C96-2165
Title On Inference-Based Procedures For Lexical Disambiguation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

In this paper we sketch a decidable inference-based procedure for lexical dis- ambiguation which operates on semantic representations of discourse and concep- tual knowledge, In contrast to other ap- proaches which use a classical logic for the disambiguating inferences and run into decidability problems, we argue on the basis of empirical evidence that the underlying iifference mechanism has to be essentially incomplete in order to be (cognitively) adequate. Since our con- ceptual knowledge can be represented in a rather restricted representation lan- guage, it is then possible to show that the restrictions satisfied by the conceptual knowledge and the inferences ensure in an empirically adequate ww the decid- ability of the problem, although a fully expressive language is used to represe...