Paper: Disambiguation By Prioritized Circumscription

ACL ID C96-2152
Title Disambiguation By Prioritized Circumscription
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper 1)r(,.sents a nml;ho(t of resolv- ing ambiguity by using ;~ wu'imlt; of cir- (:ums(:ril)l:ion, p'rio'ritizcd circwm, scrip- tio'm In a disa,ntbigu~tion task, human s/:(',ms to use various t)r(',fcrcnccs whi(:h have various str(mgi;h, hi llrioril,izcd cir-. (:umscription, we (:;m ('.xt)ress thes/', t/ref - erences as defe;~sibh~ (:onstr~fints with various strength and we infer the, most 1)referabh ', logical models which s~l,ist',y stronger COllStra,ill|;S ?l,s 11111c]1 as t)ossi - bh',. This ret)resenl,adon is very m~tu-. ral for (tis;mfl)iguation sin(:c w(; (:;m r(~. ga, rd a logi(:al interprelqal;ion a.s a possi- bh,. r('.a(ling a.nd 1:lie most prefer;d)lc log- ical models as the most pr('.f('.ra,bh'~ r(.'a(l- ings. Wc argue l,hat 1)rioritize.d (:ircum- s(:ril)tion is a,nol;he...