Paper: Aspect And Aktionsart: Fighting Or Cooperating?

ACL ID C96-2150
Title Aspect And Aktionsart: Fighting Or Cooperating?
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

It is widely accepted that semanti(: ttle- ories should, as far as possible, be com- positional. The claim that a dmory is (:omt)ositional, however, lacks bite if lex- ical and pre-lexical items are allowed to mean dilrerent things ill difl'erent con- texts. The aim of the current paper is to show how to deal with a well-known t)henolnenon by relying on (:ombinato- rim effects to infer difforent consequences from the same items in difl'erent contexts without altering the contributions that these items make individually. 1 Compositionality vs. Coercion Consi(ler the thllowing sentences: 1 Henrietta was crossing the wad. 2 Harry was hiccupping. in (1) it seems as though the present participle marker is being used to indicate, that some event with a well-defined end point was in progress at s...