Paper: Adjectival Modification In Text Meaning Representation

ACL ID C96-2142
Title Adjectival Modification In Text Meaning Representation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Tiffs work belongs to a family of research efforts, called nficrotheories and aimed at describing the static inemfing of all lexical categories in several languages in the fr,'unework of tile MikroKosmos project on computational semantics. The latter also involves other static microtheories describ- ing world kalowledge and syntax-semantics map- ping as well as dynamic microtheories comlected with the actual process of text analysis. Tiffs pa- per describes our approach to detecting,'rod re- cording adjectival meaning, compares it with the body of kalowledge on adjectives in literature and presents a detailed, practically tested methodolo- gy for the acquisition of lexical entries for adjec- fives. The work was based on the set of over 6,000 English and about 1,500 Spanish adjectives obtai...