Paper: Automatic Detection Of Omissions In Translations

ACL ID C96-2129
Title Automatic Detection Of Omissions In Translations
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

ADOMIT is an algorithln for Automatic Detection of OMissions in Translations. The algorithm re- lies solely on geometric analysis of bitext maps and uses no linguis- tic information. This property al- lows it to deal equally well with omissions that do not correspond to linguistic units, such as might re- sult ti'om word-processing mishaps. ADOMIT has proven itself by dis- covering many errors in a hand- constructed gold standard for eval- uating bitext mapping algorithms. Quantitative evaluation on simu- lated omissions showed that, even with today's poor bitext mapping technology, ADOMIT is a valuable quality control tool for translators and translation bureaus.