Paper: An Ascription-Based Approach To Speech Acts

ACL ID C96-2118
Title An Ascription-Based Approach To Speech Acts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The two principal areas of natural language processing research in pragmatics are belief modelling and speech act processing. Belief modelling is the development of techniques to represent the mental attitudes of a dia- logue participant. The latter approach, speech act processing, based on speech act theory, involves view- ing dialogue in planning terms. Utterances in a dia- logue are modelled as steps in a plan where understanding an utterance involves deriving the com- plete plan a speaker is attempting to achieve. How- ever, previous speech act ba~sed approaches have been limited by a reliance upon relatively simplistic belief modelling techniques and their relationship to plan- ning and plan recognition. In particular, such tech- niques assume precomputed nested belief structures. In...