Paper: A Generalized Reconstruction Algorithm For Ellipsis Resolution

ACL ID C96-2116
Title A Generalized Reconstruction Algorithm For Ellipsis Resolution
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

We present an algorithm which assigns interpretations to several major types of ellipsis structures through a generalized procedure of syntactic reconstrtiction. Ellipsis structures are taken to be sequences of lexically realized arguments and/or adjuncts of an empty verbal head. Reconstruction is characterized as the specification of a (partial) correspondence relation between the unrealized head verb of an elided clause and its argument and adjuncts on one hand, and the head of a non-elided antecedent sentence and its arguments and adjuncts on the other. The algorithm generates appropriate interpretations for cases of VP ellipsis, pseudo-gapping, bare ellipsis (stripping), and gapping. It provides a uniform computational approach to a wide range of ellipsis phenomena, and it has signific...