Paper: Top-Down Predictive Linking And Complex-Feature-Based Formalisms

ACL ID C96-2111
Title Top-Down Predictive Linking And Complex-Feature-Based Formalisms
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Automatic compilation of the linking relation employed in certain parsing algorithms for con- text-free languages is examined. Special pro- blems arise in the extension of these algorithms to the possibly infinite domain of feature struc- tures. A technique is proposed which is design- ed specifically for left-recursive categories and is based on the generalization of their occurren- ces in a derivation. Particular attention is drawn to the top-down predictive character of the link- ing relation and to its significance not only as a filter for increasing the efficiency of syntactic analysis but as a device for the top-down in- stantiation of information, which then serves as a key to the directed analysis of inflected forms as well as "unknown" or "new" words.