Paper: Statistical Method Of Recognizing Local Cohesion

ACL ID C96-2107
Title Statistical Method Of Recognizing Local Cohesion
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper presents a method for auto- matically recognizing local cohesion be- tween utterances, which is one of the dis- course structures in task-oriented spoken dialogues. More specifically we can auto- matically acquire discourse knowledge from an annotated corpus with local co- hesion. In this paper we focus on speech act type-based local cohesion. The pre- sented method consists of two steps 1) identifying the speech act expressions in an utterance and 2) calculating the plausi- bility of local cohesion between the speech act expressions by using the dia- logue corpus annotated with local cohe- sion. We present two methods of interpo- lating the plausibility of local cohesion based on surface information on utter- ances. The presented method has ob- tained a 93% accuracy for closed ...