Paper: A Portable And Quick Japanese Parser: QJP

ACL ID C96-2104
Title A Portable And Quick Japanese Parser: QJP
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

QJP is a portable and quick softwaxe module for Japanese processing. QJP analyzes a Japanese sen- tence into segmented morphemes/words with tags and a syntactic bunsetsu kakari-uke structure based on the two strategies, a) Morphological analysis based on character-types and functional-words and b) Syntactic analysis by simple treatment of struc- tural ambiguities and ignoring semantic information. QJP is small, fast and robust, because 1) dictio- nary size (less than1 100KB) and required memory size(260KB) are very small, 2) analysis speed is fast (more than 100 words/see on 80486-PC), and 3) even a 100-word long sentence containing unknown words is easily processed. Using QJP and its ana]ysis results as a base and adding other functions for processing Japanese docu- ments, a valqety of ap...