Paper: Disambiguation Of Morphological Analysis In Bantu Languages

ACL ID C96-1096
Title Disambiguation Of Morphological Analysis In Bantu Languages
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The paper describes problems in dis- ambiguating the morphological analysis of Bantu languages by using Swahili as a test language. The main factors of ambiguity in this language group can be traced to the noun class structure on one hand and to the bi-directional word-formation on the other. In analyz- ing word-forms, the system applied uti- lizes SWATWOL, a morphological pars- ing program based on two-level formal- ism. Disambiguation is carried out with the latest version (April 1996) of the Constraint Grammar Parser (GGP). Sta- tistics on ambiguity are provided. So- lutions tbr resolving different types of ambiguity are presented and they are demonstrated by examples fi'om corpus text. Finally, statistics on the perfor- mance of the disambiguator are pre- sented.