Paper: A Compilation-Chart Method For Linear Categorial Deduction

ACL ID C96-1091
Title A Compilation-Chart Method For Linear Categorial Deduction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Recent, work in ca.t;eg(Mj gr;mmt;~r has seen proposals for a wide. r;Lltg(~ O[ sys-. t;(;i[IS, differing in their 'resomx:e sensi- tivil;y' and hence, implicitly, {;heir under.. lying nol;ion of qinguisl;ie SLlllet;ure'. a common frmnework for t)arsing such sys- t;elns is elll(;l'ging;, whereby some inel;hod of linear logi(: l;hcorent ])roving is used in COlnbinal;ion with ;~ sysl,em of l;t- 1)elling l;hat; ensures l;hat; only ([edtl(> Lions a,pl)rot)ri}tt;c Lo l;he r(~le.vanL (:at;ego- rM formalism are allowed. This l)al)(n' presenl, s a deduction reel;hod for impli- (-a.t, ional line~r logic I;ha|; brings with il, I;he benelil; thai; (:harl; parsing provides for CI,'G parsing, namely avoiding (;he need (;o recompu(;e intenne.dial;e resull;s wheal,qcarching exhausi;ively for ;~ll possi- ...