Paper: Bridging Textual Ellipses

ACL ID C96-1084
Title Bridging Textual Ellipses
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

(1) a. We present a hybrid text understanding methodology for the resolution of textual ellipsis. It integrates language-independent conceptual criteria and language-dependent functional constraints. The methodologi- cal framework for text ellipsis resolution is the centering model that has been adapted to constraints reflecting the functional infor- mation structure within utterances, i.e., the distinction between context-bound and un- bound discourse elements. b. e. Der 316127" wird mit einem Nicke l-Metatt-llydride- Akku bestfickt. 0"he 316LT is - with a nickel-metal-hydride accu- mulator - equipped). Der Rechner wird durch diesen neuartigen Akku ftir 4 Stunden mit Strom versorgt. (l'he computer is - because of this new type of ac- cumulator - for 4 hours - with power - provided). Daria...