Paper: Learning To Recognize Names Across Languages

ACL ID C96-1072
Title Learning To Recognize Names Across Languages
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The development of natural language pro- ccssing (NLP) systems that perform ma- chine translation (MT) and information re- trieval (IR) has highlighted the need for the automatic recognition of proper names. While various name recognizers have been developed, they suffer from being too lim- ited; some only recognize one name class, and all are language specific. This work develops an approach to multilingual name recognition that allows a system optimized for one language to be ported to another with little additional effort and resources. An initial core set of linguistic features, useful for name recognition in most lan- guages, is identified. When porting to a new language, these features need to be converted (partly by hand, partly by on-line lists), after which point machine learning ...