Paper: Parsing Decomposable Idioms

ACL ID C96-1066
Title Parsing Decomposable Idioms
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Verbal idioms can be divided into two main groups: non-compositional id- ioms as kick the bucket and composi- tional/decomposable idioms as spill the beans. In the following we will point to the fact that there are German de- composable idioms which can be decom- posed into components, having identifi- able meanings contributing to the mean- ing of the whole. These idiom compo- imnts are taken to have referents. Taking these facts into account we propose an adequate way to represent the idiomatic meaning by Kamp's Discourse Represen- tation Theory (DRT). Furthermore, we show how to parse idiomatic sentences and how to process the proposed seinan- tic representation. While parsing id- ioms, the necessary idiomatic knowledge of the idioms' syntax and semantics is ex- tracted from a special i...