Paper: Discourse Semantics Meets Lexical Field Semantics

ACL ID C96-1065
Title Discourse Semantics Meets Lexical Field Semantics
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The focus of this article is the integra- tion of two different perspectives on lexi- cal semantics: Discourse Representation Theory's (DRT) inferentially motivated approach and Semantic Emphasis The- ory's (SET) lexical field based view. A new joined representation format is de- veloped which is exemplified by anal- yses of German verbs. The benefits thereof are on both sides. DI/T gains basic entries for whole lexical fields and, furtherlnore, a systematic interface be- tween semantic and syntactic argument structures. SET profits both from the much larger semantic coverage and from the fine grained lexical analyses which reflect inferential behaviour.