Paper: Disambiguation By Information Structure In DRT

ACL ID C96-1057
Title Disambiguation By Information Structure In DRT
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996
  • Kurt Eberle (University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany)

~i%xt understanding and high quality machine translation often necessitate the disambiguation of ambigous struc- tures or lexical elements. Drawing in- ferences from the context can be a means for resolving semantic ambigu- ities. However, often, this is an ex-. pensive strategy that, in addition, not always comes up with a clear prefer- ence for one of the alternatives. In this paper, we argue that in a num- ber of cases deep semantic analyses can be avoided by taking into account the constraints that the alternative readings impose onto the information structure. To this end, we present a study of the arnbigous German adverb erst and point out the particular circumstances under which the given information structure disambiguates the adverb without fur- ther semantic analysis.