Paper: GRICE INCORPORATED: Cooperativity In Spoken Dialogue

ACL ID C96-1056
Title GRICE INCORPORATED: Cooperativity In Spoken Dialogue
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The paper presents a consolidated set of princip- les of cooperative spoken human-machine dialo- gue which have the potential tor being turned into practically applicable design guidelines. The principles have been validated in three ways. They were established fi'om a Wizard of Oz sim- ulation corpus used to develop the dialogue model for a spoken language dialogue system. Developed independently of Gricean theory, some of the principles were refined through com- parison with Grice's maxims of cooperativity in conversation. Finally, the principles were tested in the user test of the implemented dialogue sys- tem. The paper shows that Grice's maxims con- stitute a sub-set of the principles. The non- Gricean principles and dialogue aspects they in- troduce am presented and discussed.