Paper: Language-Specific Mappings From Semantics To Syntax

ACL ID C96-1050
Title Language-Specific Mappings From Semantics To Syntax
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

We. present a study of the mappings from semantic content to syntactic ex- pression with the aim of isolating the precise locus and role of pragmatic infor- mation in the generation process, l~om a corpus of English, French, and Por- tuguese instructions for consumer prod- ucts, we demonstrate the range of ex- pressions of two semantic relations, GEN- EI~ATION and ENABLEMENT (Goldman, 1970) in each language, and show how the available choices are constrained syn- tactically, semantically, and pragmati- cally. The study reveals how multilin- gum NLG can be informed by language- specific principles for syntactic choice.